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Evexia Ventures Private Limited

Luke’s Wellness Market began in 2019 with the goal to reformat the food & essentials chain into one that is affordable, ethical, and sustainable for the farmers and vendors along with the consumers.

Luke Coutinho’s work involves Integrative, Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, which is used to alleviate the pain and suffering from severe illnesses and lifestyle diseases using nutritious food. For him, quality is of utmost importance.

Narendra Firodia, a steadfast believer in technology, took Luke’s Wellness Market to greater heights. In his opinion, having physical stores only in major cities is insufficient. With his ideas and support, the team was inspired to bring the vision online. Mr. Firodia, along with his team, developed YouCare Lifestyle, an online platform that connects farmers, vendors, and the community over one platform, where every product is critically tested before it is made public. In addition to serving people across India, YouCare also serves people across the globe. The online store offers real, fresh, pure, and organic products that adds value to people’s lives.

Established in 2019
10,000+ Satisfied Customers
Improving Food Chain and Reducing Carbon Footprint
Connecting farmers and vendors directly to the consumers