Soham Group


Sohamm has entered the space of EV by joining forces with Revolt Motors: First Enabled Electric Vehicle. The EV technology ready to take the world by storm and change the pace of mobility. Revolt bikes are designed to rule the roads with a rush of adrenaline and yet embody the company’s mission of creating a sustainable future.

The Revolt Motors range are the next-generation bikes and are India’s first Al-enabled motorcycles that have been unveiled. Technology forms the core of Revolt’s business, and they are committed to producing best in class bikes without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

Sohamm is proud to be a part of a changing India and being appointed as the country’s first franchisee with 2 flagship stores in Pune. It is time we celebrated and promoted a greener tomorrow one that our children will cherish.

Established in 2019
First AI-enabled EV
Next-gen mobility company, created for the smart world