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L&K Wellness Services Private Limited

Everyone wants a RESET button when it comes to health and fitness. A button that takes us back to a time when we were younger, fitter and lived a wholesome life.

The RESET gym gives every health aware individual a chance to get fit with their state-of-the-art gym equipment. Adding to a wholesome rejuvenation experience, the RESET gym has a spa and massage center, yoga sessions and workout sessions like Zumba, Calisthenics and more.

The RESET gym is the discovery of the internationally acclaimed nutritionist Luke Coutinho, who is focused on offering customers a holistic health regime. The gym is designed keeping in mind a space that inspires and encourages driven enthusiasts to embrace health positively. The spaces include a studio area, a sky deck, a suite of recovery ice baths, steam facilities, and more for a therapeutic and refreshing experience.

Established in 2017
Over 10,000+ customers on the track of fitness
A haven for wholesome fitness and health