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I Love Nagar Foundation

The “I LOVE NAGAR” application is an ode to our KARMABHOOMI, OUR HOME, OUR PRIDE – Ahmednagar. The application is an empowering tool handed to the citizens of Ahmednagar to contribute towards inspiring positive changes in the city.

The platform hosts a variety of services that allow the citizens of Ahmednagar to voice their opinions, share ideas, spread awareness about civic issues and more. The application also offers a multitude of services like sports and local news along with job updates and more with Ahmednagar in focus.

This application is a gift to the city that has bestowed him with love, fame, fortune and many fond memories. It is another brick in the sturdy wall of Ahmednagar’s rich culture and heritage.

Established in 2017
A city centric app, putting the needs of the citizens first
200K+ Followers
100K+ App Downloads