Soham Group


It takes immense courage to swim against the current and the Sohamm Distribution Business was one such entity, founded by the vision of accomplishing success in a way no one ever dared. Mr. Firodia, stepped into the distribution business with a focus on mobility & electronics in an unconventional way. They forecasted the distribution business by embracing brands that had captured only 5% of the market instead of siding with the market rulers with 95% success. This decision paid off in the long run when the tables were turned, and the 5% brands grew immensely in their popularity. As anticipated, Sohamm Group too expanded their base from Ahmednagar to Pune and further captured the entire West Region of India to become the leading distributors in mobility and electronics. The journey so far has been an enlightening one with more brand associations and a better foothold on the market. This triumph wouldn’t have been possible without the alliance of brands such as: