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Kadak Entertainment

Kadak Entertainment was formed with an aim to provide entertainment, in the most simplest way to the people of Maharashtra and specifically in Marathi. It was started in the year 2019 with an aim to keep entertaining Marathi audience worldwide.

 Company stands as one of the fastest emerging media production company, when it comes to Marathi we as a team are working since very long time into the same. Kadak Entertainment believes in filling the gaps where big brands or say many of the applications have not yet reached. We literally work in the most hyper local areas which are considered at tier – 3 cities but we see to it that we cater to all types of areas. In Marathi there is a saying जिथे कमी तिथे आम्ही where our company fits in the best possible way.

With the success the company has received in Marathi it has given us much motivation to further expand it to other languages and bring the communities , culture more closed than they are.

550K+ Subscribers
200 Million+ Views