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Saileela TV

Saileela is India’s first devotainment channel dedicated to Saibaba and Sai Devotees by assimilating devotion with entertainment. This channel was formed with an objective of disseminating the thoughts and teachings of Sri Saibaba to the viewers.
The channel aims to redefine socio-spiritual television programs with unique features that combine mythology, history, music, and devotion and above all preaching “ Sabka Malik Ek” philosophy. The channel’s program schedule is aimed at creating content that will celebrate, explore, discover and promulgate Saibaba through shows which will feature storified history, untold stories, devotional music, and thaumaturgy espy of devotees, and daily darshan of Saibaba.

Established in 2017
Live Darshan from Shri Saibaba Samadhi Mandir, Shirdi
151K+ Subcribers
‘food for life’ to around 500 visitors daily
Available on:
10+ satellite channel

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